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3 lace stitches for scarf/shawl 3 strand cable stitch
3x3 ribbing6 simple stitches
andalusian stitcharan honeycomb
arrowhead lacearrowhead lace
bamboo stitchbeaded rib
blanket ribbonbons cable
box stitchbrick stitch
brioche stitchbroken rib
butterfly stitchcable and seed
cable and wheatcabled goat
cats eyecats paw/crown of glory
chain stripescheckerboard stitch
chevron stitchclassic cable and rib
cloverleaf eyeletcolored rib
coloured bobblescorded ribbing
cross ribcrossed stockinette stitch
cruller cablediagonal seed stitch
diagonalsdiamond brocade
diamond moss knit stitchdiamonds and pearls
dot stitchdouble basket
double broken ribdouble cable
double patterned cable moss stitchdouble woven stitch
drop stitchdropping stitches
duplicate stitch eiffel tower eyelet
elongated chevronembossed moss stitch ribbing
endless knot cableeyelet check
fagot stitchfarrow rib
feather and fanfeather faggoting
fir conefirefly
fish scale lacefishermans rib
fleck stitchflemish block lace
flower eyeletfrosted edge
garter st chevronsgarter stitch checks
garter stitch eyelet lacegulls and garter
harris tweed ribheel stitch
herringbonehomes of donegal cable
horizontal dash stitchhorseshoe lace
houndstoothhourglass cable
hourglass eyeletsice storm
inverness diamondsjoyful children stitch
jumbo cableking charles brocade
kitchener stitchknit-purl block stitch
knotted ribknotty stitch mini
lace riblarge cable and eyelet
lattice linen stitch
linked stripeslittle arrows
little checkslittle shell
marriage linesmesh
mini cablemistake rib
mock cablemock rib
mock ribmock right twist
mosaic bubble stitchmosaic garter st
moss stitchmoss stitch zigzag
non-curling corrugated ribnosegay
opposites attractorgan pipes
oxo cablepennant stitch
plaited basket stitchplaited stitch
pointellepopcorn stitch
puffed ribpurl stitch
purse stitchpyramid pattern
quaker ribquatrefoil eyelet
raspberry stitchretwisted taffy
ribbed cableribbed cable stitch
rice stitchridged ribbon eyelet
ring of fireripple
roman ribroman stitch
sailors ribseed-pearl grid
seed-pearl stitchshadow rib
shaker ribsimple eyelet
simple eyelet diamondsslip stitch honeycomb stitch
slip stitch ribbingslip-stitch rib
slip-stitch ribbingsmall diamond brocade
smock stitchstep stitch
stockinette stitchstockinette stripes
supple ribtower of song
trinity stitchtuck stitch
twin ribtwist or cable stitch
twisted taffytwisted tree
vertical dash stitchvine lace
waterfall patternwaving rib
woven ties cable